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Hello and welcome to our flower farm!  We are Bruce and Claire Hammelman, second generation flower farmers, multi-generation "farmers", and operate the flower farm along side our children and many great employees. We take pride in our agricultural lifestyle and love to share with visitors what we do. 

The farm is the birthplace of the products we sell. Nestled between the large Cascade Mountains and the coastal range, Oregon's Willamette Valley offers fertile crop lands that lend themselves to a wide variety of crop production.  The local community of Mt. Angel was founded in the 1880's by farming German immigrants and, proudly, our family was one of them. While our farming heritage reaches back many generations, the flower operation commenced in 1989, growing a handful of select dry flower varieties.  The first crops of flowers were hung in barns originally built for poultry production; fear of the weight of the flowers bringing down the structure prompted the building of a drying facility.  Today, we raise about 40 different varities of flowers on 55 acres that are all dried, sorted, and packed for shipping by many long term and loyal employees.  Additionally, the operation expanded to include fresh sales of peonies, rose hips, and later red twig dogwood in the early 1990's.  Our crop selection continues to change and expand every year, much of which is based on feedback from our valued customers, so check back to see what we're growing in the future.  Can't find what you're looking for, give us a call and we can try to help.

We found that the key to a great business is our dedicated employees, both full time and seasonal, who share our commitment and vision, both on the farm and in the office. If you call, you will more than likely speak with MJ in our office, who offers exceptional help and service; she can answer all your questions. Guadalupe takes pride in custom packing all orders and contributing her creative mind. And the work could not get done in the fields and packing shed without our production managers, who are going on 10+ years with us.  Working with all of our employees to find the best fit for their talents has been rewarding for us all. Many seasonal workers return over the years, bringing back with them the knowledge required to do the jobs well and help train new employees as well. We well know just how important each of these people are to us.

Thanks for stopping bye.  We are excited to get to know you and develop a wonderful working relationship for years to come.

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